8 Biblical Steps to Follow When Faced With a Major Financial Decision


There is a progression that Christians should go through when faced with a major financial decision. Consider the steps outlined below as a place to begin.


  1. Pray. So many believer’s underestimate the power of prayer in their lives. God wants to provide for your needs, but we never go to the Father and ask for help! A prayer that I started praying recently comes directly from John 14:13-14, and the prayer goes something like this, “Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus, I’m asking that you would bring glory to Your name through working a mighty miracle in [insert your request]. Your Son has told His followers that He would do anything for us if we simply ask in His name, and I’m doing that right now. If what I am asking for lines up with Your perfect will and Your Word, I’m trusting that You will answer my request. In His name I pray, Amen.”
  2. Keep Giving. Don’t allow your financial decision to be an excuse to stop giving at least at the level of the tithe (10%). God has claimed that money as His. God is not going to bless your decision-making process if you are stealing from Him. Everything you have comes from Him, anyway! Prove to the Lord that you are a wise and shrewd manager of His resources.
  3. Look around you. Find out what inexpensive resources are readily available to you at this moment.
  4. Wait. Too many people can’t wait anymore. Since we live in a “microwave” society, everybody wants what they desire right now! Be unique. Be different in your decision making process when it comes to your finances. Be a crock-pot, not a microwave. Take your time. Let the entire process “simmer” for a time while you investigate all of the possibilities. There is a much better chance that you will make a wiser decision.
  5. Talk to people. Use your unique network to explain your situation and the decision you are facing. Other people have been where you are at right now, and they can give you advice on a possible direction to follow. One word of caution, however. Get a variety of advice from various sources and sift it all through the wisdom of God’s Word.
  6. Get Creative. Think outside the box when you need to solve a financial issue. If you need a car, maybe someone in your personal network would be willing to donate a vehicle to you. If you need to get more education, maybe you could get what you really need through a mentoring/internship relationship. Time, relationships, and bartering are all great tools in your arsenal of compensation.
  7. Research all of the possibilities. The internet is an incredible tool at your immediate disposal to obtain information, advice, and special deals. Invest time and energy in searching out this valuable resource.
  8. Use the Power of Cash. Debt is dumb. Cash is a much better negotiating tool to get what you need at a lower cost.

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