If You Have This Unusual Dollar Bill In Your Wallet, You May Have Just Hit The Jackpot.


There Could Be Treasure Hiding In Your Wallet


There’s not a lot that you can buy for a dollar these days. With the price of pretty much everything going up, the dollar just seems less valuable than it used to be.

But as it turns out, a single dollar might be worth more than you think. Much more valuable! And the answer could be in your wallet right now.

Dollar bills which carry certain serial number combinations are worth far more than their face value. This particular bill is currently on sale for $700.00!




So take out your wallet, and look at the serial numbers in the top right and bottom left corners.




Seven repeating digits in a row on $1 bills are incredibly rare. Super repeaters on a dollar (like 67676767) and double quads (00009999) are also incredibly hard to find.




Check out the entire list of dollar bills that CoolSerialNumbers.com is willing to buy from people. Now excuse me while I stop everything I’m doing and go through my wallet right now! Can you say “cha-ching”?


Source: Boredom Therapy


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