Mom Saw Her Baby Stop Breathing – Then 911 Gives Her “1 Tip” That Can Help Everyone


Mom Desperately Tries To Save Her Baby’s Life Calling 911

As a young mother, Nicole Bechtle was terrified when her 3-month-old son, Zane, suddenly stopped breathing. Her son was lifeless and no one was around to help. When she was not able to revive him, she quickly called 911.

Infant CPR - 5

Nicole had finished feeding her infant son, Zane, when all of a sudden he started to cough and throw up. Then came the horrifying moment when he stopped breathing.

The young mother told Kusa, ” I don’t know how long it was; it felt like an eternity – but he started turning different colors of blue… He started throwing up and then he started choking on it… It was like holding a rag doll.”

When the baby did not respond to Nicole’s attempt to revive him, she called 911.

Infant CPR - 3

An emergency dispatcher at West Metro Fire Rescue in Lakewood, Colorado answered Nicole’s plea for help and calmly talked the stricken mother through each step of Infant CPR.

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After a couple of agonizing minutes, this mom’s efforts came through for her tiny son, and Zane finally took a deep breath. The sound of a crying baby prompted the 911 operator to happily exclaim, “Yeah, there’s a good one!”. (

Because of her harrowing experience, Nicole wants to arm others with the knowledge and ability to perform Infant CPR correctly. In order to prevent the number one cause of unintentional infant deaths in the United States, Bechtle is currently lobbying state leaders to make CPR training a requirement for new parents.



Source: Faith Tap


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