The Most UNBELIEVABLE Things Ever Sold On ‘eBay’



If you are a user and lover of eBay, you’ll be well aware that you can purchase a whole lot more than just kitchen utensils and cut-price domestic items, among literally millions of other things. If you’re bored, after you’ve enjoyed this gallery of course, go ahead and see what the strangest things for sale on eBay are today. You’d be surprised what some people will sell, and more to the point, what some people will pay for, and often in a big way! Like the grilled cheese that apparently looked a bit like the Virgin Mary, which sold for $28,000?! And that’s just for starters, as many items sold for upwards of a million dollars. We won’t ruin the surprise now, and will let you check out for yourselves the 18 most unbelievable things ever sold on eBay…